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 to ONNI Village


The ONNI Village cottage settlement is situated on the shore of the beautiful lake Saimaa in Finland. Come to enjoy the unity with nature in comfort.

Adults and children will have

a fun playing in area equipped with a trampoline, a zip line and a swing. Badminton, volleyball and frisbee help to make your vacation active.


Separate well-equipped wood-burning sauna placed on the shore of the lake makes you feel like a real resident of Suomi.

Comfortable cottages are perfectly combined with picturesque landscape, pure air and silence. Here you can relax at any time of the year.


The gently sloping sandy beach is perfect for swimming and for funny water games. You will enjoy observing majestic sunsets reflected from the calm surface of lake Saimaa.


There are pike, ide, trout, perch, roach and other species in the lake. You can fish from your own pier or from a rowboat that is available for every cottage.


Cozy cottages provide accommodation with maximum comfort for all guests. Both parents and children can enjoy their time here. Each cottage has a fireplace and sauna.


Our coniferous forests are home to moose, flying squirrels, foxes and hares. Moor frogs give charming concerts, and couples of white swans swim close to the shore.

You can walk along wild forest trails and visit a hunting lodge. If you wish to enjoy a longer bike ride, you can visit, for example, the beach Huuhanranta. For our youngest guests child bike seats are provided.

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